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The Inherited Tradition Today

オープニング公演 石見神楽×ダンス「SHOKI -鍾馗-」 公開中

There, the precious model of dances and music being transmitted across generations exists.

Many performing arts have been treasured and handed down from parents to their children and from adults to children in their daily lives. There, in the expressive power alive in the tradition, we perceive the appeal of ancient Japanese performing arts and the pride of transmitters.

In this festival, the traditional performing arts preserved mainly in the prefecture are introduced by various means, through films, live performances, and collaborations with contemporary artists, which convey the appeal of the tradition.



   2020.7.31 website released

Saturday, September 12 – Monday (Holiday), November 23, 2020

Opening Event: Shimane Arts Center GrandToit (Masuda City)

Closing Event: Shimane Civic Center (Matsue City)

Community Exchange Performances: 4 municipal theaters in the prefecture

Organized by Shimane Prefecture, Culture Foundation of Shimane Prefecture

(Shimane Civic Center, Iwami Art Theater)

Subsidized by: Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

Contact: Shimane Arts Center Grand Toit  Tel. 0856 31 1860

                Shimane Civic Center  Tel. 0852 22 5511

Note: The festival information is available and updated regularly

on this website as the details are determined.